Affiliate System for WordPress

Affiliate Marketing Will Grow Your Business

Increase traffic. Earn more money.

Increased visibility

Affiliates constantly promote your products and services, drastically improving the SEO of your website.

More traffic

Greater visibility means that more people will visit your website and see your products and services.

Increased sales

More traffic to your website means a higher chance of converting them into real customers.
Simple affiliate area
Your affiliates will be able to access the necessary information from their affiliate area.
Affiliate System for WordPress 7

Full of features

Yes, all these features are included
Accurate affiliate tracking
Affiliate referrals are reliably tracked, even on servers with aggressive caching.
Integrated payment service
Easily pay your affiliates directly to their bank accounts or debit cards in just a few clicks.
Real-time reporting
Track affiliate-referred visits, referrals, earnings, and affiliate registrations in real time, without delay.
Full integration
It fully integrates with popular ecommerce and membership wordpress plugins such as WooCommrce.
Unlimited Affiliates
Have an unlimited number of affiliates that actively promote your website, products and services.
Unlimited creatives
Give your affiliates unlimited visual resources or text links for faster and more effective promotion of your site.
Affiliate Coupon Tracking
Connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts with affiliate coupon tracking.
Easy affiliate management
Find out who your highest earning affiliates are, take a look at affiliate reports, edit individual affiliate accounts, and moderate affiliate records.
Full panel of references
A central place to see all the references obtained.
Affiliate System for WordPress 8
Reports and charts
Get an overview of your affiliates' performance in real time with detailed referral data and graphs.
Affiliate System for WordPress 9
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