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Take care of your business and I will take care of your website. Enjoy the peace of mind of having a team behind you that is responsible for leaving your website safe and optimized.


Saving time and money

Installing an SSL certificate, updating your WordPress, setting up an email account, are just a few examples of maintenance tasks that you can do but it will take you much longer than a we who do it daily.

Dedicate yourself to your business

Your goal is your company, your business, your physical store if you have it, your services and your customers. All this is what you must dedicate time to because if you do not do it your company will not advance. Leave the web and technical issues to a web expert.


If you deal with professionals and hire a company dedicated to web maintenance and support they will have a correct working method, your page will be monitored 24 hours, in constant surveillance and we will intervene the moment something fails without you having to pick up the phone.

Be up to date

The good thing about dealing with specialists in internet and web pages is that we are up to date in web technologies, new trends, security, hosting, etc. If there is something you need to know we will tell you, without having to look for it or inform you on your own.

All plans
maintenance include


Backup is the cornerstone of WordPress website management . If an update fails or your website fails, it's imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website.

In we make backups every day so that you have your site always updated with the latest version if something happens.

Our backups are incremental and run off-server (AWS Europe/DigitalOcean Europe), this helps minimize the impact on server resources and not lose copies if the web server has a problem.

For more demanding websites and with active development we have a premium plugin to make backups every 1 hour.

Your backups are stored for 90 days.
WordPress Maintenance 1
WordPress Maintenance 2

Technical support

We are your technology partner and we are here to help you with problems.

Do you take your car to the mechanic right? With your website the same, we will take care of solving and maintaining your website so that it is perfect.

Does not include: changes in content, total or partial renewals, etc. It is only included and unlimited to solve problems of operation of the web,

Performance optimization

We will work to make your website fly like a rocket. We will carry out optimization tasks so that the loading times improve.

Do you know what is the best of all? That we will do it without you asking for it. You will notice the results and you will be able to see it in your monthly maintenance report.
WordPress Maintenance 3

Vulnerability scanning

We've partnered with the fantastic team behind WPScan's vulnerability database to give you real-time insights into which plugins are vulnerable so we can act on it.

Thanks to this, you will avoid any security hole in your website and the risks of suffering an attack will be minimized.

... and all this...

minute by minute


through staging

Follow-up of

Management of
Search Console

Analysis of
broken links

Support through
email and Teams

for your company

Web Maintenance Price


It can be a blog, a corporate website, etc.
It does NOT include shops, academies, languages, etc.


Any website that has WC installed such as shops, academies, memberships, etc.

WooCommerce + WPML

Any website that has WC installed and is also in several languages with WPML or similar.

Backups only


15 €/month/site

High Demand

25 €/month/site
Ellos ya me conocen y vienen a contarte su experiencia

Mis clientes hablan de mí


Hilda Hoes

Adrián es una persona seria, eficaz y que abarca muchos temas.

Dadas las circunstancias de confinamiento y no pudiendo acudir a ningún sitio, hemos podido comunicarnos online sin ningún problema.

Tiene mucha paciencia y serenidad para poder solucionar cualquier tipo de problema.

Y por demás queda que es brillánte proponiendo guías y apartados para poder elaborar una web con el óptimo potencial y eficacia!

Ha sido un placer conocerte, y ojalá hubiese sucedido antes ya que la expansión y apertura al mundo se hubiese acelerado. Una vez más muchas gracias!


Mari Carmen

Trabajar con Adrián y Ángela es como trabajar en familia, buen rollo, confianza y cercanía.

Pero además son unos grandes profesional que siempre miran cómo seguir mejorando su trabajo y resultados.

Yo he tenido la suerte de comprobar su dedicación, su profesionalidad y su buen hacer, envuelto todo en amabilidad y buen trato.

Además tienen un equipo de profesionales que hacen que el trabajo sea creativo y se adaptan a tus ideas, escuchan tus propuestas y siempre te aconsejan lo mejor para ti.


Compro Oro Chiva

Trabajar con Adrián Pajares es garantía de acierto. Conoce a la perfección la imagen corporativa de tu empresa, y el resultado siempre es impecable.

Gracias al asesoramiento de Adrián Pajares, también logramos ser mucho más visibles en internet y por lo tanto logramos tener más clientes. De una manera que nosotros jamás imaginamos.

El clima de trabajo y colaboración con Adrián Pajares es inmejorable, se implica mucho en tu proyecto y empatiza con tus necesidades.

Es un gran profesional, ágil en su trabajo.

Lo recomiendo totalmente.


Maribel García

Trabajar con el equipo de ha sido un auténtico placer desde el primer minuto.

A parte de su profesionalidad se les ve buenas personas y eso se nota en el trabajo con ellos.

A nivel técnico dominan a la perfección cualquier solución que tengan que aportar a tu página web. En diseño web se manejan con flexibilidad y aportando buenas propuestas al cliente en todo momento.

Se adaptan a ti pero siempre aportando un criterio profesional que enriquece el resultado final de su trabajo.

Son un 10 sobre 10, altamente recomendables.


Oscar Campayo

Estoy muy contento con el trabajo que ha hecho.

Desde que lancé la web he notado que han aumentado los clientes que visitan mi tienda.

Me encantó el diseño y estoy muy contento con el gran equipo humano y la eficacia en su trabajo. Da seguridad y se agradece.

Mayor Technology

Nosotros estamos contentos porque su gran valor es la formalidad y capacidad de trabajo, tienen un buen feedback, les consideramos unos buenos profesionales.

Ajustaron el diseño a lo que buscábamos y sobre todo su atención, demuestran que los clientes somos personas, así me sentí.

En definitiva volveríamos a repetir.

Frequently Asked Questions about
maintenance of web pages

No, none, you can unsubscribe at any time, there is no registration fee or any penalty.

Depends on!

Reviews are done on a weekly basis, whatever plan you have. However, the updates will depend on the type in question.

Out of prudence, in updates to the Core of WordPress and some delicate plugins, it is recommended to wait a reasonable time from when the update is available until it is installed, to verify before that there are no inconveniences or problems.

We respond in less than 24 hours during working hours.

Once we register you you can access our intranet. There you can open and view support tickets and download your invoices.

No need. If the hosting meets some minimums you can maintain your website with your current provider.

In the event that you have hired a poor server and do not want to migrate your website, we will reject your project.

No. The service is maintenance and support; does not include changes or improvements to the website that do not have to do with security or performance.

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