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Every visitor to your website is an opportunity, don't waste it! You're just weeks away from a website that you'll not only be proud of, but it will actually work. We will help you communicate your story through an effective website that is as unique and special as your own business.

Professional web design package

Nice and easy to use

In I won't just give you a website, I want to teach you how to use it! That's why I won't just hand you your new site in the hope that you will need me again. Instead, I will provide you with the right tools to help you now and in the future.

Your beautiful new custom WordPress website means nothing if you don't know how to take advantage of it. I want to help you drive your success. That's why a variety of tools like training videos, hosting, and a full year of maintenance are included at no extra cost!

Training included

Each website comes with training videos to help you through the many features of your website.

We'll teach you exactly how to make future updates and manage your products online so you no longer have to shell out your earned money on a developer to get it right.

My ultimate goal is to help you find success. Why? Your success also benefits me! Nothing helps more like happy and successful customers.

What's included?

Since 1.870 €
*Possibility of payment in instalments.
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The creation process

01. Say hello!

Fill out the contact form and tell me what you need help with. Then we will schedule a meeting to introduce ourselves and learn more about your ideas! Let's get acquainted!

02. Join forces

We will send you a detailed contract and your first invoice. I don't want price to be your barrier so I offer several payment plans for us to reach an agreement.

03. Start of the project

We will schedule a meeting to start your project! We'll want to hear all about your ideas! Come prepared with your images and texts and we will go over everything!

04. Design and Development

If we were playing football, this is where you would throw the ball at us and run with it. With the notes from the project launch meeting and research, we'll start designing your site! But don't worry, we'll send you the sketches for review.

05. Review

While I try to be pretty close, I'm not always perfect (I'm human just like you). This is where we will make the necessary revisions to the website based on your feedback. We never launch until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

06. Launch

Once you pay the final balance, we will launch your new website and provide you with all the additional materials necessary for you to succeed.
Web Development for Companies 9

"Since I launched the website I have noticed that the number of customers visiting my store has increased. I am very happy with the great team and the efficiency in their work."

Two Plus Two Prints

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