The importance of backups

How many times have you heard about the importance of backups… If you’ve ever thought, “If my server already backs up…”

Well, today one of the largest data centers in Europe of OVH has caught fire with the consequence that this has. Some websites such as Villareal CF have had to show the following image:

The importance of backups 1

Even the Government of Spain is not spared, the SEPE page has also fallen:

The importance of backups 2

According to OVH’s own website you can restore the data with its disaster recovery plan (if you had it activated), so imagine the chaos it can mean for your company.

Imagine that you had a backup of your external website, downloaded it, uploaded it to a new server, and your website running again in a few minutes.

Do you want to continue without making backups?

Our web hosting service has not been affected as we host the web pages on Google Cloud; and those who have contracted our Monthly Maintenance service host the backups in Amazon Web Services. With this strategy it is difficult to lose data.

As of May 2021 in  our web hosting service we will separate the web from the backups, that is,  the web will be in a data center and the backups in a different one so in case of disaster as has happened in OVH the backups will be accessible without you having to install any plugin on your website.

So you know, run to see if you are making backups and if you are not doing it get to work. If you do not know how to do it you can contact me to help you.


Adrián Pajares
Adrián Pajares

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