I'm Adrián Pajares, developer of custom web pages.

Specialist in the development and design of web pages for medium and large companies. Custom web pages made with WordPress and WooCommerce.

About me 1

My journey as a creative entrepreneur began in 2014 when I was studying architecture. I love architecture, but I didn't find any path as an architect that would make me happy, so I made the decision and wanted to do what really made me happy; develop web pages.

I learned how to make web pages and became a web designer and developer specializing in WordPress and WooCommerce. Since 2014 I have helped many companies, and that has given me enough experience to develop projects for large companies.

My passion is to create amazing websites that help connect businesses with potential customers. Do you want to be the next company to work with me?

About me 2

Personally, I love minimalism and order; and I am convinced that it can bring clarity and focus in life. It helps to really care about what's important.

Life is precious, and the quality of it matters. That is why I want to help with my experience, values and knowledge to create websites that make happy not only my client but the final consumer to whom it is addressed.

My work style is focused on maximizing sales and as Mies Van der Rohe said, "Less is more", so I love the balance between aesthetic and functional. I think the white space, dazzling images and amazing typography establish a more sophisticated and welcoming user experience.

Have a happy day! If you think we can fit in, don't hesitate to contact me and we'll schedule a meeting to get to know each other.

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