Specialist in website development

Design and development of custom web pages for medium and large companies. B2C and B2B solutions according to your needs.

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What I can do for you?

Online Stores

Sell your products online thanks to the development of an optimized eCommerce to generate conversions. That it is not only a beautiful store but optimized to sell.

since 2.960€
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Corporate Website

Custom development of a strategic website for your company. Obtain visibility and leads for your business.

since 1.700€

Web Express

Do you need an urgent website? Are you on a budget? It is your ideal option since you will have a beautiful and functional website in a few days.

since 530€
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Web MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Ideal to validate the idea of your business. A Landing Page optimized to convey the message, the value proposition and generate conversions.

from 240€

Web Maintenance

I will leave your website as a clock. You care about your business, I care about your website.

since 49€/month
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How I work

Initial meeting

Once you have contacted me, we will set up an online meeting to get to know each other more and explain to me what the project is about. In this meeting I will ask you a series of questions about your business and about you to better understand your needs.

With this data, I will make a proposal as it will be exposed to you in an online meeting and that I will send you later by email.

When you analyze the proposal more carefully we can solve all the doubts you have.

Contract signing

Before we start working together on the project, we have to do some paperwork: signing the contract and paying the initial amount agreed.

With all this done we can start working according to the planned schedule.


During the work process we will hold several meetings to share the progress and be able to change course if necessary. During this process it is very important that communication is fluid.


Once the website is finished, the necessary tests will be done and we will review it together to be able to make the final adjustments. Once you give us the go-ahead and the final amount is paid, the website will be uploaded to the server chosen by you. On your server, we will do the necessary tests again to verify that everything is working correctly.

By delivering the website you will have access to our academy with tutorials to learn how to manage your website autonomously. In addition, during the first months you will have our support and maintenance service for whatever you need.


If you are satisfied with our maintenance service you can hire it later so you do not have to worry about the web and dedicate all your time to the management of your business.


If you like my work methodology do not hesitate to contact me and discover more.

I'm looking forward to helping you give visibility to your business.

Let's talk about your project

Contact me and I will respond within a maximum period of 24 hours.


... he has a lot of patience and serenity to be able to solve any type of problem and is brilliant to be able to elaborate a website with the optimal potential and efficiency ...

.. it has been a pleasure to meet you, and I wish it had happened sooner as the expansion and opening to the world had accelerated. Once again thank you very much!
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Hilda Hoes
... thanks to the advice of Adrián Pajares, we also managed to be much more visible on the internet and therefore we managed to have more clients. In a way we never imagined...

... the climate of work and collaboration with Adrián Pajares is unbeatable, he is very involved in your project and empathizes with your needs. He is a great professional, agile in his work. I totally recommend it.
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Oro Chiva
Compro Oro
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mi nombre es
Adrián Pajares

Aprendí a realizar páginas web y me convertí en un diseñador y desarrollador web especializado en WordPress y WooCommerce. Desde el 2014 he ayudado a muchas empresas, y eso me ha dado la experiencia suficiente para desarrollar proyectos para grandes empresas.

Mi pasión es crear sitios web increíbles que ayuden a conectar a las empresas con clientes potenciales. ¿Quieres ser la próxima empresa en trabajar conmigo?


Contact me and I will respond within a maximum period of 48 hours.


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